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To be an efficient and commercially fit business it’s critical that you optimise the performance of your workforce by equipping your teams with skills and tools to effectively communicate.


We are the first Principles Solutions Partner in the UK, a testament to ELLA and the expertise we have within our businessOur certified coaches have the highest level of expertise to enable you and your organisation to effectively deploy and optimise the Principles tools through workshops and expert ongoing guidance.  This approach will enable your teams to operate at the highest level ensuring not only that business goals are achieved, but that you create a culture that your employees will excel and thrive in.

Principles tools supported by workshops and ongoing guidance are proven to drive organisational success, ensuring you minimise the risk of dysfunctional teams, which can cost businesses up to on average £7,675per employee, per year as revealed in a report from Mitel.     

The impact of dysfunctional teams goes far beyond commercial implications as they can adversely affect individual performance and job satisfaction leading to unengaged or stressed employees. These issues consume time and energy that could otherwise be devoted to completing key projects and achieving organisational goals.  

For leaders to turn this around or prevent it from occurring, they need a deeper understanding of each other, which is why Ray Dalio created the Principles platform through a combination of the latest personality science research and decades of insights from high-performing teams.   

PrinciplesUs Assessment & Comparison Tool 

The PrinciplesUs platform takes team dynamics to the next level by leveraging the Principles assessment to provide leaders with a comprehensive understanding of their team’s dynamics, enabling them to more effectively facilitate employee interactions and work towards shared goals. Additionally, individuals gain invaluable insights into themselves, and their relationships with teammates through the platform, fostering strong interpersonal connections that drive business results.  With this knowledge you can build stronger high-performing teams and achieve business outcomes more efficiently and effectively.  

Principles Workshops 

The team workshop, coupled with the PrinciplesUs platform, accelerates how teams collaborate by understanding and appreciating their personality similarities and differences. 

Build trust and unlock team performance through our facilitated workshop program

Leverage learning for ongoing growth


of employees are more comfortable sharing their perspectives openly post-workshop.

Create team cohesion through honest conversation


of participants gave more feedback to their peers and leaders post-workshop.

Learn to optimise your differences for better results


of those that participated better understood others’ perspectives to enhance team alignment post-workshop.

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