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eCommerce Best Practice Part 2

In Part 1 we covered tips 1-6, below you’ll find tips 7-12. Happy reading!

7. Make sure you have the best content with the expertise you have placed online.

Ensure with whatever technology you deploy that you can upload great content. We recommend using a Content Management Solution to support this task. This will help your business to be found by search engines.

Consumers often use many sources of information to build a picture of affirmation ahead of a purchase, so make sure you get as much content – video, images, written-  built around your products or services as you can. 

Product pages are perhaps the most important aspect of your site. If the product page lacks information or fails to show the item in a clear, compelling way, your potential customers are far less likely to buy it.  

8.Empower with User-generated content – always make sure they are authentic.

We are now in the era of Social commerce with Social media and some of the best product presentations being undertaken by passionate owners/users. Data shows that people respond very well to reading reviews and watching YouTube videos, and those that use Amazon are extremely aware of product reviews being one of the primary mechanisms by which you can filter stock.  There are many platforms that can make reviews part of your business appeal, just note that you must be authentic and genuine with the content that is hosted. 

9. Invest to make imagery always ‘awesome’.

Pictures speak a thousand words and with such high-quality photography now available, there is no excuse to be lazy with content on any Platform that your content is promoted. Your photos are an opportunity to make your products seem desirable, even irresistible. The best item can be made to look unappealing with the wrong photography, while professional imagery can make your products really stylish and create that instant appeal that forges an emotive contract with the viewer that then proceeds to purchase. 

There is more than one way to take a beautiful and compelling product image, but the golden rule is to clearly showcase the product and have a background that complements rather than detracts from the product. 

Lastly, lighting can be key with imagery, so take the time and effort to get it right!

Use data and analytics to drive your actions. Effective marketing blends creativity and data and your eCommerce store’s marketing strategy should be influenced by customer behaviour.

— Jamie Dixon | CEO | ELLA Digital

10. Lazy Product Overviews.

Product images can’t do all the work; they need to be paired with compelling, persuasive descriptions. What is so good about this product? How is it different to similar items from competitors? Why should someone buy it? 

Very often what consumers need may not be obvious to you yet, weight, size, dimensions, made-of etc can be crucial for someone – if you invest in presenting great authentic images that are relevant to your customer type, conversion can increase. Authentic imagery, written text and videos all working together will allow the best results for your business.  

Those that are lazy can with content will pay the high price of lost business.

11. Make sure you have a rapid pay for ‘guests’ & great fulfilment options , and do not force customers to have an ‘account’. 

How many times have you added items to a cart, then abandoned because you had to make an account, furthermore, how many times have you become frustrated due to the payment experience or a poorly designed final few steps that do not work well or too slowly? 

People will leave their baskets and exit the purchase journey if you make any aspect of the purchase frustrating, so put yourself in the customer’s position and make sure: 

  • Their item(s) are accurately shown so they can check what they have 
  • Swift payment process is tested on all devices 
  • Great shipping promise – NOTE Free shipping is NO longer considered a perk 
  • That the receipt and conclusion is effective  

The average cart abandonment rate (based on consumer studies) is a staggering 70% due to this final process being woeful. Therefore, it should be a priority to make the checkout process simple and smooth so that you keep your cart abandonment as low as possible.

12. Make sure your content is more appealing than your competitors.

Here’s a simple fact: if you don’t give potential customers a reason to buy from you, they won’t. If you sound like your competitors, what would compel people to buy from you instead of them? It’s fine to gather inspiration from your competitors, but you also need to be able to differentiate and fill the gaps that your competition leaves in the market. 

The good news is this is a really easy mistake to fix. With your market research and a defined audience, you should have no problem creating content that’s fresh and unique to you — giving your target audience incentive to choose you over other eCommerce stores. 

Use Data and analytics to drive your actions. Effective marketing blends creativity and data. Your eCommerce store’s marketing strategy should be influenced by customer behaviour. Consider this: emails that are personalised and sent based on consumer behaviour generate 29% of all email purchases and have conversion rates 379% higher than generic campaigns — all while accounting for less than 3% of total email sends.  Using analytics to improve your marketing tactics can give your online store a huge boost over competitors. It’s also quite easy to do because most platforms will provide you with clear data on traffic sources, cart abandons, popular products and on-site behaviour. 

Summary: ‘Understanding eCommerce best practice’.

There you have it, simply said, put the customer first ALWAYS. 

Finally, make sure prior to launch that you invite customers that you intend to target to give you feedback and insight. This final check & balance to what you have built should hopefully give you the reward for your efforts by ensuring you have followed the above by creating an awesome experience. 

Empower the customer to enjoy your online experience, remove barriers, from shipping and payment options to site navigation and security. Ensure that your eCommerce platform and your potential customers’ details are safe and your products are well researched to please your target audience. 

If you’re ever in doubt about a decision, just think, “how will this make the customer feel?”  By putting your customer first, you’re sure to create a shopping experience that keeps your customers coming back time and time again.

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