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How we work

Unlock the future of your business with digital transformation—a catalyst for growth, innovation, and unparalleled opportunities in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


We enable businesses to harness the power of data, remove outdated processes, and deliver new customer-centric experiences. We call this Digital Transformation as a Service (DTaaS®).    

At ELLA, we are the ‘digital brain’ of your business driving improvement through optimised data, reinvented products, and elevated experiences, all of which result in better outcomes for your business, employees, and customers alike. Together, we can work towards a better future.

People, Process & Technology

We work relentlessly to provide an accessible, actionable and measurable framework that delivers tangible business change through the application of overwhelming expertise, tools and technologies.

Our DTaaS® framework goes through a well-defined and proven process to understand the needs of your business and customers to allow us to shape and design a bespoke Digital Transformation programme to drive sustainable business growth.

The DTaaS Process



The first step in your DTaaS journey involves us collaborating with you to undertake a full business review to look at your status versus the competition, and to understand your customers’ needs and expectations.  Alongside this, we review what digital products you are currently using, understand your goals and ambitions, and identify the key areas of opportunity for transformation.

To unlock scale and growth for your business, and deliver better commercial outcomes, technology can’t work alone. This is why we also look at the key areas of people and process to understand how ready for change your organisation is, so we can embed this into an initial plan that details at a top level what changes are needed to digitally transform.



Once the initial evaluation phase is complete, we then will create a detailed digital transformation plan alongside the business case for change that focuses on the three key pillars of technology, processes and people to ensure we set your business up for growth and success.



In the deploy stage we deliver the digital and business transformation. Our delivery team uses modern project management techniques to implement technology, process and change management to drive your business into the next phase, to improve employee, customer and business outcomes to ensure you stay competitive and commercially fit. 



Once your digital transformation project is live, we support you to utilise it fully to ensure you continue to succeed in achieving your goals.

We will keep on top of digital advances to ensure that you stay on top of these developments, continuously evolving your digital ecosystem to drive strong business success and meet your customers’ needs.

AI is here, are you embracing the future?

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