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CALL US TODAY: 0208 087 0138


ELLA was established in 2020 by our Founder with his passion and drive to help businesses fulfil their potential through digital transformation, ensuring seamless integration of the online and offline worlds to drive better business, employee and customer outcomes.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become the ‘digital brain’ of the businesses we serve, ensuring they remain relevant and commercially fit in a rapidly evolving world of increasing employee and customer expectations.

Supported by best-in-class technologies, such as Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Shopify and many more, we are uniquely positioned to help businesses:

  • Better serve consumers by having a single view of the customer.
  • Improve operational efficiencies by ensuring technology systems all work together to drive down costs and increase revenue.
  • Remove outdated practices related to legacy systems.
  • Empower employees to be more efficient and effective in their working lives.










Working at ELLA


Evolve your business strategy to one that’s driven by the data.

We can help you transform your approach to decision-making and planning by utilising data and insights to make informed decisions to deliver better commercial outcomes.


We listen, as we believe that effective communication starts with active listening.

We take the time to truly understand our clients' goals, challenges, and aspirations. Through open and honest dialogue, we create a collaborative environment where our clients feel heard, valued, and respected.


Learn about and deploy new technologies to remain relevant and commercially fit.

Utilising best in class technology we will help you digitally transform your business by becoming more efficient and effective, enabling you to unlock scale and grow.


Always be in front of your competition.

We specialise in digital transformation to accelerate you past your competition by creating an operating model that’s far more efficient and effective unlocking scale and growth and increasing profits.


Our Culture

At ELLA we pride ourselves on embracing our culture and values. As a team of forward thinkers, we embrace technology to continuously improve customer experience, convenience and make people’s lives easier.

We adopt a meritocratic culture built on the foundations of respect and trust, where we believe anyone’s opinion is valid and that everyone’s voices should be heard.

Our Values

We put people first to go further for our colleagues, clients and their customers. We trust each other. This means listening, being honest, transparent, supportive and taking responsibility for our actions. We operate a meritocracy where input is valued, and hard work rewarded. 

We innovate and take action. We champion ideas that constantly move us forward to drive better outcomes for our clients and their customers. We communicate effectively as we recognise how essential this is for building and maintaining relationships, and we put this at the heart of our business and how we help our clients.

Diversity & Inclusion

At ELLA we are committed to diversity and inclusion, and we believe that to be engaged you must feel included and valued.

We invest in diversity, equality and inclusion, employee wellbeing, learning and development to empower our people and drive better outcomes and deliver value to the businesses we support and their customers.

We are continually growing our talented team, and constantly evolve the programmes we operate and the tools we use to guarantee they help individuals thrive and progress their careers and experiences.

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