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Customer Transformation

Customers’ expectations continue to evolve at an exponential rate, fuelled largely by an unrelenting advance in technology and the possibilities this creates.


To meet these needs, it’s therefore essential that businesses align their strategies with their digital ecosystems. ELLA’s team of dedicated consultants provide innovative transformation solutions to drive brand loyalty, create operational efficiencies and increase revenue streams delivering better outcomes for your business, employees and customers.

We identify and follow the customer. If they change, you change.

UX / UI design

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are two important elements of web and app design that are essential for creating a great customer experience. UX is the overall experience a customer has when interacting with your products and services whilst UI focuses on the visual and interactive elements of design.  Our consultants work with you to create solutions that are visually appealing, easy and intuitive to use to ensure that you meet your customers’ needs and provide a best-in-class customer experience.

Customer experience and journey mapping

Our customer experience and customer journey mapping services are the ultimate solution for helping businesses understand their customers and the experience they have.  We specialise in creating detailed customer journey maps that identify key touchpoints and interactions throughout their entire experience to understand their needs and pain points to create a strategy to deliver best in class experiences.

User research and customer insight analysis

Our user experience design teams conduct insightful qualitative and quantitative user research into your target customers, to uncover the most valuable insight in the shortest-possible time frames.  We work collaboratively so that your organisation can begin developing your own, in-house capabilities.

Connected environments

It is key for businesses to connect their offline and online customer touch points to create a complete omni channel experience.  We empower businesses to create intelligent responsive environments that adapt to changing needs, deliver personalised experiences, and foster sustainable practices.

Customer loyalty

It’s far more cost effective to retain customers than it is to acquire new ones, that’s why it is key for any business to ensure they create loyalty programmes and campaigns to drive customer engagement, retention and satisfaction.  Our experts apply proven strategies to drive loyalty and retention across every touchpoint of your customer journey, ensuring long-lasting relationships and sustained business growth.

Our four-stage framework goes through a well-defined and proven process to understand the needs of your business and customers to allow us to shape and design a bespoke customer transformation programme to drive sustainable business growth.  Find out more about how we work here.

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